Paloma Lanna — Paloma Wool, Founder

Paloma Lanna — Paloma Wool, Founder

Born in Barcelona, eponymous label Paloma Wool is inspired freely by the act of getting dressed. We caught up with Paloma herself and got to know the story behind her label.

Born in Barcelona, independent label Paloma Wool is a project inspired freely by the act of getting dressed, brought to life by its founder Paloma Lanna. Locally produced and often designed in collaboration with local artists, illustrators and photographers, Paloma Wool blends notions of community with artisanal qualities and a distinctly elemental aesthetic inspired by land and cityscapes. Producing limited and timeless pieces, our curated range of designs from the eponymous label features boxy overshirts, wide-leg pants and chunky knit sweaters, all presented in a candy-coloured palette. To coincide with the launch of Paloma Wool here at Incu, we caught up with Paloma herself and got to know the story behind her label.

How and why did you start Paloma Wool?
I established the project in April 2014. I grew up with my parents building their own fashion brand, they made me a part of every little part of the process. My Father was a spirited salesman and my Mother has this incredible vision with colours, art and style. They nurtured all of that throughout my upbringing. I wanted to study fashion but they suggested I studied Business. This was extremely helpful and what actually allowed me to launch my own project. I was learning so much of and from the fashion industry already. 

I became creatively restless after university and started experimenting with analogue photography. The first Paloma Wool pieces I created was a limited edition of sweatshirts with printed photographs of mine. We numbered each piece by hand and sent a copy of the photograph along with each piece purchased. Developing my technique and creativity through photography is one of the things I still enjoy the most about the project. 

It was not until I decided to detach the project from the fashion industry rules and regulations that I saw how the project was going to be clearly. I wanted to break the rules, follow my instinct, produce limited timeless pieces and art freely around the act of getting dressed.

You often collaborate with other artists. Tell us about why it’s so important to you to support other peoples’ work.
It started off within my close circle of friends where I found most admiration, interest and influence. We pushed, supported and helped each other to create and shape different ideas we each had in our heads. Learning, exploring and supporting ourselves made me feel we were able to create anything together. Opening that experience up to our community is what now keeps the project alive.

Your collections - both the clothing and the images you create - seem to reference landscapes a lot. How does your environment inspire you?
The project is based in Barcelona which has a good, laid back energy surrounded by nature. You can cross the whole city on your bike, swim in the sea and hike in the mountains all in the same day here. I do believe it influences my work in the sense that I feel comfortable and happy here. I also travel a lot and really enjoy outdoor sports. I’m happy that these positive feelings are somehow perceived through what we create.

I wanted to break the rules, follow my instinct, produce limited timeless pieces and art freely around the act of getting dressed.

Where is your favourite place to visit?
My Grandfather in his house in Sant Sebastián in the North of Spain, Menorca with my boyfriend and his family and La Graciosa, a volcanic island in the Canary Islands.

    What does sustainability mean to you? How has Paloma Wool embraced this?
    I believe sustainability is creating within your own means, I believe in supporting local production, limited manufacturing, industry awareness and responsible consumption.

    Who do you like to dress? How do you want people to feel when they wear Paloma Wool?
    I think of my friends and the community behind Paloma Wool when I create. I want to make pieces people can wear all the time and that they make them feel special, beautiful and comfortable.

    Are you the type of person who likes to constantly work on many things at once, or do you prefer to work on one thing at a time? 
    Oh my goodness, 1000 things at a time.

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