Sandy Liang x Salomon | This & That with Mercedes Rigby

To celebrate the highly anticipated release of the Salomon x Sandy Liang collaboration at Incu, we had the pleasure of interviewing—and shooting—Mercedes Rigby, a fashion stylist and consultant based in Sydney.

Mercedes applies a refreshing and unbounded approach to her craft, fearlessly pushing boundaries and embracing unexpected combinations. Her inventive styling choices captivate and illuminate, reflecting her unique perspective on fashion; a match made in heaven for this limited edition collaboration that effortlessly merges utility and playfulness.

Read on as we delve into Mercedes' world, uncover the inspirations that fuel her desire and road-test the Salomon icons.

Hi Mercedes. Tell us about yourself.
I am a stylist based in Sydney. 

Who is inspiring you right now? Anyone doing anything cool?
My parents. I know that may be cliche to say, but they are taking a leap for themselves at the moment and it’s pushing me to do the same. I could also list thousands of people who are also inspiring me constantly, but we’d be here for hours!

Could you recount a time when you used contrasting elements in your work or personal dressing to create an unexpected result?
In my personal dressing most definitely. I think the juxtaposition of fashion eras. Mixing 1950s braissere with 70s flares, topped off with a hint of 80s. All those decades come together. 

What is it about juxtaposition that excites you about this kind of garment conflict?
It’s just the perfect clash. Quite fitting for Sandy, I think, she always pairs those classic feminine silhouettes with something tough. I adore it. She wants you to be able to do anything in what you are wearing. That’s the future of dressing - no limitations. 

When piecing together an outfit for yourself, where do you start? 
I can assure you there is no method to the madness. But I ask myself a lot of questions in the process. Where am I going? Do I want to be casual, comfortable, cute or maybe a little bit sexy? Some days I just think of something in my wardrobe I really want to wear and start there.

What is your guilty pleasure?
I couldn’t narrow it down to one thing. I also don’t love the idea of feeling guilty for doing something that makes you feel good. 

What’s your go-to order at your favourite restaurant?
Currently, a martini.

How did you dress growing up?
I think I’ve blocked it out of my memory, haha! Definitely were a few moments where I look back now and think eeeek! Galaxy tights, I will own up to that. I think I dressed to trend, because it was easy, it made it easy to fit in. But as I grew older I started to realise dressing however I wanted made me feel independent. Every year, or even every day my style changes. Forever-evolving, it's become a bit of a life motto. 

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to find their creative voice?
Well, if it’s any comfort to those reading, I am still struggling! But what's helped is the other creatives around me. Immersing yourself around people who love you for what you do. It creates this safe space to be vulnerable and experimental within your creativity. I also started reading Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist's Way’ and it’s an incredible process to unblock your creativity. A line that really struck me in the introduction is, “Leap, and the net will appear.” She’s right. Take the jump. 

What can we look forward to for Mercedes Rigby?
I’m not too sure, but I’m excited to find out too.

Words by Peter Bain
Photography by Britt Murphy