A well rounded body and face essentials line, backed by Science
and formulated with CBD, to work on pain, inflammation and sensitive skin conditions.


Founded by JP Collett and Jamie Leilani Pelayo in 2019, natureofthings develop botanical body and bath products to nourish, replenish and heal the body from the outside in.

With an ethos of "we believe it is right to feel good", natureofthings utilise healing alchemy with ingredients from the earth, organic botanicals whenever possible and formulas complying with the most stringent clean beauty standards. No harmful petrochemicals or unsafe toxins are used.

Efficiency is clinically proven through an extensive battery of tests. During the formulation process, their in-house developer works closely with their chemists to ensure everything from ingredient interaction to absorption process is optimised for maximum efficacy.

Natureofthings hold themselves and their partners to the highest possible standards - working only with farms and labs they trust and with manufacturing facilities that are Good Manufacturing Practice-certified. The brand tests their materials three times (for potency, stability and toxicology) over the course of the production process.


Natureofthings is for all genders and all ages. Their skin care is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin conditions, yet has everything the skin needs to thrive. They don’t formulate their products for a specific customer or think in terms of target demographics.

Natureofthings uses organic botanicals whenever possible.

The Fortifying Magnesium Soak bags are made from 60% biodegradable recycled wood pulp and 40% polyethylene that contains an enzyme so that it disintegrates much faster than standard plastic. They are designed to be composted at home and not at a commercial facility.

1. Remove the plastic valve at the center of the bag and place in your recycling bin.

2. The remaining bag material is 100% biodegradable in phases. Place the bag in your home compost heap, where active microbes will break the wood pulp-derived components down within a few months.

3. After just a few months the recycled wood pulp packaging will be fully disintegrated. At that time you can rake out the remaining polyethylene liner and dispose of in the recycling bin or landfill trash where it will continue to fully degrade.