YUME YUME: The Brand for Dream Builders

YUME YUME: The Brand for Dream Builders

Get to know the team behind some of the most unique sandals in the world, YUME YUME.

YUME YUME is the footwear brand reinventing the modern sandal. Made for creatives by fusing art and fashion, the Amsterdam-based label is helmed by couple Eva Korsten and Dave Hendriks. Inspired by the world around them, their innate curiosity is what drives the brand and its future-thinking silhouettes forward. Take the Truck Slide, a model that was inspired by the shoes that truckers wear on the road in Europe that was concepted on a drive from Paris, or the Tyre Slide – a design based on a folded tyre spotted on the streets of Amsterdam. The details matter to the YUME YUME team, and their creative designs are beginning to make their mark.

Get to know the team behind some of the most unique sandals in the world below.

Hi Dave and Eva. Thanks for chatting with us. How are things going on in your world?
Hi, thank you for having us! We are having a great time. It is a busy period for us, but also a very exciting one. We just arrived back in Amsterdam after Paris Fashion Week. Dave who works on the business side of the brand is happy with the new and existing partners we were finally able to meet in person. Eva is working on the new Pre-Fall and AW 2023 collections, and is having a lot of new things in development. When a new prototype first arrives after only seeing the sketches, it is a magical moment every time! Also, summer is now finally taking off in Amsterdam so we try to spend the evenings at the beach with friends as much as possible.

What was your favourite shoe as a child?
Dave: I was always really into colourful shoes when I was young. I remember buying two pairs of Converse Chuck Taylor and wearing a bright green left and navy colour right. But this was a long-time ago haha. Eva: Red leather flip-flops with little mirrors in the straps.

Imagination is the greatest gift. In your imagination everything is possible. Our brand is for the dream builders.

Was running a footwear label ever in the plan? Or did this all happen organically?
It happened quite organically, the first idea to start the brand came when we visited the Philippines. During traveling we noticed that we needed a beach flip-flop but there was not really something in the market that we would buy. We started the brand as a project on the side just to see where it would take us. The project evolved in all aspects: design, strategy and professionalism. Since then, it grew to the brand that it is today where we work with amazing stores all over the world, we never imagined that everything evolved this way so quickly. Hearing people from other continents speaking that they know the brand is really amazing.

Dave, the shoe business is a world you're familiar with, how did this translate into starting YUME YUME? And for Eva, what’s it like as co-founder and creative director?
Dave: I always had the desire to create something from scratch, something with a message or meaning. My previous experiences and relationships of course helped me to grow and start YUME YUME. The good and the bad things. But the key thing I learned is to only work with people that share the same vision. Therefore working with Eva as my business partner is a key factor for the road to success and building our dream together.

    A great deal of the brand ideates along the concept of dreaming, so much so that YUME YUME labels itself as for ‘dream builders’. Could you elaborate on this further?
    Imagination is the greatest gift. In your imagination everything is possible. Our brand is for the dream builders, the people who dare to imagine and construct their own surroundings rather than purely inhabiting them. Being aware of how you want to construct your surroundings takes courage, originality and uniqueness. This is an aspect in people we want to highlight and celebrate. It is ok to be different and stand out from the crowd.

    One of the brand’s signature models, the Tyre Slide, was inspired by a folded tyre spotted on the streets of Amsterdam. Are there any other obscure observations that inspired the design of other YUME YUME goods? 
    In our designs we use a lot of things we see in the direct world around us. For example the idea for the Truck slides came when Dave and I were driving in the van from Paris back to Amsterdam and we made a stop at a gas station, there we saw the shoes that all the Truckers wear on the road. Our Love heels are inspired by my urge to go dancing and spread love when everything shot down during the pandemic. Our Camp inspired shoes came during our road trip through Costa Rica.

    Your products seem to marry inspiration from past experiences with forward-thinking. How important is this to the design process?
    Always being curious and looking for the next adventure really translates in the YUME YUME designs by experiences Dave and I share. For me, being able to have a free mind to just look around at the small details gives space for the creative mind to start the process of new ideas.

    Any dream textiles or fabrics you’d like to work with?
    In my designs I always try to balance progressiveness with romance. This is why I often choose for a black vegan leather combined with a woven flower jacquard fabric. We spend a lot of time researching the new and best developments in faux leathers. There is now a very new and exciting new material in development that is 100% grown from mushrooms. This would be my top one wish to be able to use in the future.

    Three people/ brands you’d most like to collaborate with, past or present?
    We are looking for meaningful collaborations that make sense in some way. When you see the final designs both DNA’s must shine. In November this year we are launching a collaboration with Katelyn Ahn, a LA based artist that makes beautiful paintings. She has been supporting the brand since the beginning and that gave us the idea to collaborate. If we could really really dream big, being able to be working together with Architect Louis Barragan before his death in 1988 would be the ultimate.

    What are the top three things one should look for in a sandal?
    1) Comfort

    2) Design that completes your summer style

    3) Style versatility, being able to wear to different occasions

    Where do you want to take things with YUME YUME?
    For future dreams we hope to bring YUME YUME to a stage where it is more than a fashion brand. Opening world wide institutions where creatives from all different fields can connect, learn, inspire and be inspired is the goal.

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