Sandy Liang — Founder & Designer

Sandy Liang — Founder & Designer

We catch up with New York designer, Sandy Liang and her mini Aussie Shepherd, Tim to see what the pair have been doing to keep inspired.
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Sandy Liang’s namesake label surged onto our radar following the designer’s launch of her first collection in 2013. Known as a master of texture, pattern and colour, Sandy Liang’s distinct New York confidence is embedded in each collection, with designs that lend themselves to any wardrobe and can be layered or stripped back to suit any style palette.

If you’ve been following Sandy like we have here at Incu, then you’d know all about her mini Aussie Shepherd, Tim, with his splotchy coat and two different coloured eyes. It’s been a tough few months across the globe, but New Yorkers especially have been feeling the impact of this year, so we thought we’d catch up with Sandy and Tim to see what the pair have been doing to keep inspired.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog Tim.
I got Tim when he was five months old and now he's seven! He's a mini Aussie shepherd. He's my best friend. I'm a native New Yorker and live in the Lower East Side. I grew up in Queens and went to college briefly in Rhode Island before transferring back to the city. I started the brand in 2013 and have been doing that ever since.

How would you describe your current collection?
When I was designing the spring collection I was really thinking about playing with Polly Pockets and other toys of that era, and that lost part of childhood that we grow out of and forget about it.  It was like a nostalgic sadness that I wanted to think about.

Each of your collections show that you’re a master of texture. What are your favourite fabrics to work with? Why?
It varies each season depending on what's available and my general mood.  I try to stay focused within the fabrics I'm choosing but it's definitely a process to narrow everything down to a number that makes sense.

I reference my childhood and my family a lot in my work, so I think it comes out all the time but in different ways.

Who is the Sandy Liang girl/ guy?
Anyone who appreciates the clothes.

    Pre-COVID, what’s a regular day in the office for you?
    Before Covid-19, a regular day at the office was working with my amazing team doing different things every day.  We're a small group so we talk to each other a lot and have a lot to do, always.  We've been fortunate enough to be able to work from home since the lockdown took place.  I kind of like it! It forces you to communicate with your team in a more efficient way and then you have more of the day to work at your own pace. You can think a bit more freely when you're not sitting at a desk for 8 hours.

    This year has been a challenging time for everyone, particularly New York. What’s something that’s keeping you inspired right now?
    Reading the news is keeping me inspired and hopeful, but also reminding me that we all need to pitch in to get the work done. Now more than ever.  It's saddening and infuriating, and we are doing our best just trying to listen, educate ourselves, and move in the right direction. 

    You’ve credited your grandma as being the inspiration behind previous collections. How has your family influenced your style?
    I reference my childhood and my family a lot in my work, so I think it comes out all the time but in different ways.

    When is Tim getting his own collection? 
    I would love to launch a line for dogs!! It's something that I've thought about and maybe will happen in the future! 

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