Incu 18th Birthday – goodfoodcrapdrawing Q&A

Incu 18th Birthday – goodfoodcrapdrawing Q&A

Read our Q&A with the former Art Director at Gourmet Traveller and get the low-down on how the idea for goodfoodcrapdrawing came about.

In celebration of our coming of age, we've teamed up with our mates over at Gelato Messina to create 5 unique ice cream flavours developed by some of our favourite brands. We've got Patagonia, State of Escape, Paloma Wool, Rag & Bone and Cafe Kitsuné stepping up to the plate.

To help us celebrate the occasion, Anna Vu aka goodfoodcrapdrawing has whipped up the graphics for our special day, featuring Messina's iconic mushroom cake. Read our Q&A with the former Art Director at Gourmet Traveller and get the low-down on how the idea for goodfoodcrapdrawing came about.

Anna, tell us a little bit about what you do with goodfoodcrapdrawing?
With goodfoodcrapdrawing I draw my favourite dishes from my favourite restaurants. It's just really a fun way to document what I love to do most - which is eat.

Tell us a bit about your background in the food industry?
I used to be the Art Director at Gourmet Traveller magazine and was lucky to be privy to news about restaurant openings and places to eat. During my time there I got to travel and eat at a lot of great places and got to work with chefs, writers, stylists, photographers - all who gave me different insights into the industry. I also worked at a restaurant too after my time in publishing, which gave me firsthand experience into the inner workings of a restaurant. I guess I just like to be around food, whether I'm eating it, serving it or promoting it.

Where did the idea for goodfoodcrapdrawing come from? Did the name pick itself?
I had come back from a trip to NY and had signed up to have a stall at the zine fair at the MCA with no idea of what to do. I was going through my photos of the trip (this was before smart phones) and had all these food pics and decided to make a zine about what I ate but using quick illustrations instead of the photos. This then led to me creating a tumblr page with these initial drawings and yes the name did pick itself.

What’s your preferred medium when you are creating?
My preferred tools are a 0.4 micron black pen on a Rhodia blank A4 pad and Faber Castell connector pens.

Was there a particular piece that was the catalyst for getting your name out there?
It was the blood sausage sanga from Ester. It was the first drawing where I thought "that's not that crap."



What’s your favourite cuisine to eat, and to draw?
Well, that would be my favourite food group: fried foods. I think I'm nailing the texture of the crumbs and batter.

Quickfire questions:
Favourite Messina flavour? Pandan coconut
Favourite restaurant? Fratelli Paradiso
Number one travel destination? Paris
Guilty pleasure? Fish fingers

Please pass on a little Happy Birthday message to Incu…
Happy 18th Birthday Incu! I can't believe how grown up you are and what you achieved so far!