Incu Celebrates "All Together"

An artist project and charity auction created in collaboration with Hake House and Thread Together.

Incu is proud to present “All Together” - an artist project created in collaboration with Northern Beaches gallery Hake House and clothing charity Thread Together. The project saw four artists create one-off, unique artworks using excess fabrics from Thread Together, with the works available to purchase via an online auction from 5th-14th October 2023. All proceeds from the auction will be donated directly to Thread Together. The artworks will be on display at Incu’s Galeries stores in Sydney, and QV store in Melbourne from 5th October. This project was born out of relationships with two long-standing Incu collaborators - Hake House founder and artist Ash Holmes, and Australian charity Thread Together.

“Incu has a real connection to community, with many of our projects and collaborations coming through conversations between friends. We are delighted to collaborate with Ash and the Hake House artists for this project that benefits one of our long-standing charity partners Thread Together.”


“Thread Together is so impressed to see such innovation and creativity in the artworks designed from excess fashion. We are proud of our partnership with Incu and are thrilled to see the incredible works created by the talented Hake House artists. There are so many beautiful artworks to choose from with all proceeds going towards providing new clothes to people experiencing hardship across the country”


“My three pieces for ‘All Together’ represent each party within this project – Thread Together, Incu and HAKE. They all bring a different element to the cause but together as a group feel stronger. Each artwork was made with techniques of dying and stitching to create larger surface areas. The dying process reveals mysterious patterns and spontaneous compositions, much like what you’d find in nature.”


"The piece is about meditative repetition, a space of consciousness where one can sit with thoughts, self & place. We see repetition created in each panel with gestural strokes flowing throughout. A thread weaving through the layers and chapters of an open ended life."


“The pieces made for Incu in collaboration with Thread Together were motivated by the theme of resourcefulness and mindfulness. The Materials used in the two artworks are all reused fabrics that came from Threads Together, bed sheets from op shops or leftover fabrics from textile projects. The slow and therapeutic process of staining the fabrics with multiple layers of watered down acrylic or turmeric dye aid in the idea of slowing down production in the fashion industry”.


"Using expired garments challenged me to create novel visual expressions. The tactile nature of the hand stitched canvases added a new layer of depth that I had not previously explored. I’m excited to be able to breathe new life into pieces that would otherwise be forgotten."