Father's Day with Incu

Father's Day with Incu

As Father's Day fast approaches, we've taken a moment to catch up with all of Incu's Dads to learn a little bit about what being a father means to them.⁠ Apologies in advance for the Dad Jokes.

As Father's Day fast approaches, we've taken a moment to catch up with all of Incu's Dads to learn a little bit about what being a father means to them.⁠ Read below and hear what being a father means to them, their special breakfast traditions at home and a series of the best terrible Dad Jokes they have on offer. If you thought your Dad’s jokes were bad, wait ‘till you hear the Dads of Incu’s best. Stuck for present ideas? We've got you covered! Here's a specially curated Father's Day Edit just in case you're stuck on what to get Dad.

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 Brian – Director, Incu

What's your #1 Dad joke? Today, my son asked "Can I have a book mark?" and I burst into tears. 12 years old and he still doesn't know my name is Brian.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Watching them grow up to little men and all the hugs.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? When my older son was first born and I had about 10 mins alone with him. Nothing will ever beat that.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Usually it involves going somewhere outdoors e.g to the beach, park or last year to the zoo.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? I never get sick of Pancakes! And a Coffee!

Vini – Director, Incu

What's your #1 Dad joke? My daughter thinks I’m overprotective and nosy. At least that’s what she wrote in her diary.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Being loved and loving them back unconditionally.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? My most memorable ‘Dad Moment’ was when the kids were younger. Every night when I came home from work, the girls used to wait at the baby gate for me to come in from the garage. It was the best part of the day for me.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Every year, my wife and kids create an antipasto platter from the local deli and set up a picnic on the floor of our living room for lunch.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Belgian waffles with maple syrup with bacon on the side and good coffee!

Doug – CEO, Incu

What's your #1 Dad joke? Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?

Fo’ drizzle.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Watching Marlow develop and learn new things.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Everyday just being able to have giggles and laughs with her.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Given Marlow is only 3 we haven't started any new traditions but I'm sure the day will involve some good food.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? I am up at 6:00am each morning to walk the dog so the rest of the family is still usually sleeping by the time I get home.

Ben – Creative Director, Incu Collection

What's your #1 Dad joke? Kids: "Daaaaad I'm hungry!!” (Said in a moaning voice)

Me: Oh hey Hungry, nice to meet you, I'm Dad. 

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Enjoying the beach and the sunshine with my boys.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Taking Vinnie to Wet n Wild and being pressured into going down the free-fall mega slide, while secretly being pretty scared, but keeping it together standing at the top of the tower. "Hey mate!!” 

What's your Father's Day Tradition? An ice cold beer and a pub lunch with the family. 

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Pancakes drenched in Maple Syrup for sure! The boys love to get involved with the cooking and flipping too.

Frank – Assistant Manager, Rag & Bone Chadstone

What's your #1 Dad joke? What did the fish say when he hit the wall ? Dam.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Being a dad. the good and the bad, wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Son was learning how to say mama. Said it 10 times in a row and quietly ended with baba.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Nothing special, just happy to spend time with family and appreciate the meaning of being a father.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Toast with Nutella and peanut butter.

Troy – Sales Assistant, Galeries & Founder, Troy O'Shea Handmade

What's your #1 Dad joke? Most of what comes out of my mouth is a dad joke, regardless of being a father.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Seeing my little one grow each day. Being able to experience that is honestly the greatest gift.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? I don't think anything will ever compare to the moment when my wife gave birth to Louie and I got to hold him for the first time. The most special moment in my life.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Have only been a father for a year so no traditions as of yet. But looking forward to starting some traditions with my family. 

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Have never been a breakfast-in-bed type of person, but I've always been a fan of a bacon and egg roll.

Jeremy – Brand Manager, Incu Monobrands

What's your #1 Dad joke? CASHIER: "Would you like the milk in a bag?” 

DAD: "No, just leave it in the carton!” 

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Watching Etienne grow and pick up new skills and little quirks. The simple things are the most heart-warming.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Etienne likes to kiss his reflection in the mirror. Cute at home... a bit weird when we are out shopping.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? This is only my second one, so no traditions yet. I’d be happy with a once a year sleep-in.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Black coffee.

Jonny – Head of Buying, Incu

What's your #1 Dad joke? One of my best friends has a holiday house in Terrigal and every time she goes I ask her if she had a ‘’Terrigal” time.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Watching the little legend grow so much every week. That, and that I started skating again.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Being in the delivery room is by far the most memorable, my wife is amazing!

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Breakfast at Shuk.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal?

Hot Tip: There is no breakfast in bed in a household with a child that wakes up at 5:30am.

Tom – Store Manager, Galeries

What's your #1 Dad joke? I don't have a specific joke because every time I try to say something funny or be funny around my daughter it's a Dad joke. There is always a lot of raised eyebrows and head shaking. Maybe I am the joke?

Favourite thing about being a Dad? The constant lessons, challenges and changes as my daughter matures and I grow older. It's always so surprising and rewarding. I love it.

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Cliche, but the day she entered this world. It was 20 years ago. I remember everything like it was yesterday and I know I always will.

What's your Father's Day Tradition? Looking through a special box of photos, mementos and things Lilli has made that I've held onto over the years to remind myself how lucky I am.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? Those days are long gone. I'm usually the one making breakfast for everyone. But a special indulgence for me is a Croissant and a Matcha (not in bed).

Nick – Sales Assistant, Rag & Bone Bondi

What's your #1 Dad joke? Did you hear about the kidnapping at school? It’s fine, he woke up.

Favourite thing about being a Dad? Being woken up by my son shouting “I’m awake!!!” 

Funniest or most memorable 'Dad Moment’? Realizing the moment that my son has the same energy levels as me, he’s an energizer bunny!!

What's your Father's Day Tradition? We don’t really have any traditions but it’s nice to be celebrated with gifts and love 🙏.

Go-to breakfast in bed meal? I’d take an extra hour in bed over breakfast in bed any day of the week, that being said an almond cappuccino normally does the trick.