Explore Ma House with Ben Mooney

Introducing Ben Mooney, founder of Ma House and one of our partners for ‘Make Room’ for Bode by Ma House

If you walk the streets of Collingwood in Melbourne, odds are you’ve come across Ma House. Created by Ben Mooney, the two-storey shop in Johnston Street hosts not only the unique shop, but also doubles as Ben’s - and his Italian greyhound, Goody - home. 

When Ben signed the lease for the space in 2020, it hardly looked like the way it looks now. But that was part of the fun - Ben knocked down walls, painted and re-painted corners and then brought each room to life with a mix of contemporary furniture and vintage art objects that he’s been collecting for years. Stepping inside Ma House is like stepping inside Ben’s home, because it is. When we heard Ben was a fan of Bode, we knew we had found the perfect partner to bring our ‘Make Room’ installation to life.

Launching this week at our QV store, the installation takes inspiration from Bode’s own retail spaces to bring to life a bedroom within the Bode world. Designed to be completely unique, Ben will be using one-off pieces from his private collection to furnish the space. Bode have also contributed assorted pieces from their visual archive including clothing hangers, posters and photographs.

To celebrate the launch, we asked Ben a few questions about Ma House and his story. Photos were taken by Phill Huynh, a friend and collaborator of Incu and Ben himself, so fittingly everyone felt right at home

You can shop items on display in the Make Room installation on the Ma House website here.