Brand in Focus: Casablanca

Brand in Focus: Casablanca

Get the low-down on Casablanca, the Parisian label headed by Charaf Tajer that's rapidly establishing itself as one of the most exciting new brands in the world.

Fusing lux and leisurewear, Parisian label Casablanca expertly blends the line between comfort and elegance. Brought to life by its French-Moroccan founder Charaf Tajer in 2018, Casablanca is a multi-dimensional label that’s a homage to the city where Tajer’s parents met and fell in love.

Rapidly establishing itself as one of the most exciting new brands in the world, Tajer’s vision is an ode to old-world elegance he calls a “modern reimagining of the timeless après-sport aesthetic”. By applying Neapolitan tailoring to leisurewear, Casablanca offers an elegant update on the category, redefining opulence in the process. With luxurious silk shirts adorned with vibrant watercolour printed designs, logo hoodies and printed tees, it's no wonder that Casablanca is one of the most hotly anticipated new brands to hit the Incu shelves. From the runway to the streets of Paris, Casablanca is attracting attention from celebrities to the worlds most exclusive stores alike.

Check out below what Tajer’s label is all about, and see their latest flamboyant collection imagery entitled, Idéalisme.

@charaftajerPhoto: @charaftajer
Casablanca is a modern reimagining of the timeless apres-sport aesthetic.


Photo: @charaftajer
Casablanca offers pieces for wearing when the days exertions are done, but the night has not yet begun. Those magical hours, marked by their sense of ease and heady anticipation, can be the most decadent part of the day.

Photo: @charaftajer

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