Anna Hoang — Anna Quan, Founder

Anna Hoang — Anna Quan, Founder

We spoke with Anna to catch up on what she's been doing in isolation, where she finds her inspiration and the '90s nostalgia she's been loving.⁠

Headed by designer and founder Anna Hoang, Anna Quan is a contemporary Australian womenswear label that epitomises simplicity, femininity, and subtle luxury. We spoke with Anna to catch up on what she’s been doing in isolation, where she finds her inspiration, and the ‘90s nostalgia she’s been loving.

When and why did you start your label? 

Anna Quan started in 2014. I'd always wanted to start my own label since graduating from Fashion Design Studio in 2011.

Tell us a bit about what influences you?

I am always inspired by everyday life. Finding outfits and practical solutions to how we live everyday.

Tell us a bit about this current collection featured on How do you fit into the fabric of the Incu Community?

The current collection is made up of easy breathable 100% cotton rib knits and practical tailoring. I think it's effortless and unassuming.

What are your go-to WFH wardrobe pieces? Can’t live without? Do you prefer dressing up or laid back/pared back?

I like a stretch tailored jacket over knit top and jeans. I prefer the pared back structured look. This gets me in the mood for work.

What is your current WFH creative process? Has it changed lately?

The process is quite similar in and out of the studio, I think that I do a lot of the creative thinking at home out of work hours when I am more relaxed. 

What does your WFH work station look like? Organised chaos? Or planned and tidy? 

I am a little messy with table tops but I know where everything is. I try to keep most things electronic as I can't be trusted to file paper away. Currently working in my sunroom which gives me natural light during the day and a nice view of the communal pool and gardens in my apartment block. I also enjoy people watching so that's a nice distraction at times.

What are you currently reading or watching? 

I am going through 90s nostalgia and am currently watching DVD sets of 90s and 00s classics like Buffy and Angel. I am enjoying a little bit of escapism.

Your go-to meal right now?

I’m loving homemade rice congee, silken tofu topped with roast salted peanuts.

What will be your first treat yourself meal after you leave self-isolation?

Some Vietnamese beef noodle soup as I don't have the patience to make that at home.

What have you found yourself drawn to doing during this time?

Being able to take more walks during the daylight hours.

What are some local businesses that you’d love to support? 

- Bella Brutta 
Six Penny
Newtown Thai 

How have you stayed in touch with loved ones? Zoom dinner parties? House Party?

We've been zooming across the globe for birthdays, text messages and lots of face-timing.

Lastly, what are you grateful for right now?

Having this time to slow down, a great public healthcare, social welfare system and relatively responsible state government.