Ann —  Marketing Coordinator

Ann — Marketing Coordinator

Take a look behind the scenes with our Incu Marketing Coordinator, Ann Xiao, who we had a chance to chat with about her secret talents, how she landed in the fashion industry from an economics degree, and how she’s been working to make the online experience just as special as when you’d see us in-store.⁠⠀

What's your role at Incu? 

I’m the Marketing Coordinator at Incu. I look after our digital platforms and our brick and mortar marketing, including social media accounts, EDMs, window displays, content creation, communications with the press, events, activations, the list goes on…  If you have messaged our Instagram, you’re most likely talking to me too! Hi! 

Tell us little about yourself. What did you do before Incu?

I would say I’m a bit of an oddball when it comes to my previous experience and how I landed here at Incu.

I left behind an economics degree at UNSW to pursue fashion design at The Fashion Design Studio, where I studied tailoring and menswear. I got my foot in the door in my first year with Dion Lee as a design intern. From there, I slowly progressed each year at different Australian designer brands and firms like, Manning Cartell, House of Quirky, Song for the Mute, The Upside Sport, The Australian Fashion Council, Ellery and Christopher Esber. I think one of the highlights was definitely my debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in my graduate year, and working in the production team at Song for The Mute.

My eclectic experience varies between fashion design and production, all the way to digital Marketing, branding and sponsorship/partnership management. I know Lush, our HR Manager, would kill me if I also didn’t mention that I used to race solar cars for a few years across the outback as part of an international competition called the World Solar Challenge. These few years that I learnt how to race solar cars (which we built ourselves) really taught me a lot about perseverance, teamwork, trust and time management!

I’m incredibly grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue a job that combines my past experiences in marketing, and my goals in the fashion industry at Incu, as well as have fun with my creative side.

How would you describe your personal style?

Monochromatic. My family would describe me as a person who has a complete aversion to colour. I exclusively wear only black white and grey. 

What’s your current WFH situation? 

I’ve taken up the entire living room in my house, much to the displeasure of my partner. I commandeered the entire dining room table and have set up shop in our big greenhouse-like living room. I live in the leafy suburbs of Sydney so I feel very lucky to have this space to call my own with the ability to work with lots of natural light and greenery. Part of the WFH package has definitely been my assistant, my cat Meow (super original name I know) who hangs out with me from time to time. 

In between sitting at my desk, I would say I have become extremely domesticated and a bit of a homebody with baking to help alleviate any stress and anxiety! My favourite thing out of isolation has definitely been the discovery of Bourke Street Bakery’s Carrot Cake recipe!!! 

People haven’t been able to see our stores and staff the past few weeks. How have you looked to make the online experience amazing for our customers?

This is definitely a combined effort, however, the biggest project we have taken on is creating the Incu Community series to engage our loyal customers, partners, friends and of course, the amazing staff at Incu. We wanted to provide an insight into the lives of who makes Incu what it is today. It’s a team effort and it’s like a big family here! A genuine network of people who believe in what we create, serve and provide for the greater community. I have worked for some very interesting people in the past and Incu by a long shot, has been the most welcoming and supportive. We wanted to really showcase why the business has had such a success, and it simply comes down to the people.  

What’s a hidden talent you have?

I can binge-watch a Netflix series non-stop for 24  hours straight… only kidding! Not a talent, but I can do it. 

My hidden talent would be… I can make between 500-600 dumplings in one sitting. HOWEVER, disclaimer - I do use store-bought pastry. Is this a talent? Not sure. I’ll go with it. 

If you had to list your top 10 favourite films/ books/ albums, what would they be? Give us a little blurb about why.

I fluctuate every day between favourites so I’ll just list what I currently have on rotation. I don’t always have favourites as it really depends on my mood. 

TV & Film On Rotation:

Humour - Brooklyn 99 for the laughs and to help decompress & Rick & Morty (an absolute must) & Final Space
Nostalgia - Friends & The Nanny
Drama- The Ozarks - have been bingeing non-stop. It’s my new game of thrones
Doco's - The Last Dance - simply motivational. Totally jumped on the bandwagon.
Movies - Black Klansman & The Big Short 


- Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
- Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg
- What They Didn’t Teach You in Design School by Phil Cleaver
- How Will You  Measure Your Life by Clayton Christensen 
- Elon Musk Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future


I’m definitely not musically inclined but these are a few of my favourite go-to artists:

- Petite Biscuit
- Vallis Alps
- San Holo
- E^ST
- Post Malone

What are some local businesses you’d like to support right now?

I’m a big believer in supporting local businesses right now, as we at Incu have received so much support in the last few months. 

Juan Bowl & Tea - best Japanese food especially their Kaisen bowls

Eden Gardens - my local nursery (i love plants, can’t get enough and best to support local nurseries!)

Lim’s Hot Bread - for the best Banh Mi on this side of town. They are a family run business that has been part of the fabric of the community for a very long time. I’ve been coming here since I was child.

What are you grateful for right now?

For me, my biggest support system is my partner in life, who I have been with for 11 years (this year). It’s been an incredibly eye-opening experience being in confinement with him! Before COVID we were constantly working and just going through the grind of life, so it has been nice to stop, reflect and be in the moment. 

I’m also incredibly grateful for the support network at Incu. I cannot reiterate this enough, having a solid foundation at work has helped me stay sane and grounded through this rough and uncertain time. The fashion industry is notorious for undervaluing creatives and people, so it has been incredibly refreshing to be part of a community that values and respects what you bring to the table. 


Lastly, what are some of your favourite picks at Incu right now?

With my monochromatic style, I’ve chosen pieces I have been eyeing for a few seasons now. I hate overthinking a comfortable outfit so I love developing a uniform for myself that is super easy to wear, versatile and I can transition from work to going out. The pieces I invest in have to be able outlast seasons and trends, which is probably why I only wear black/white/grey, with a sprinkling of beige. I think it’s also me trying to be a more responsible shopper and an adult with a healthy savings account… 

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