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Patagonia “Save Takayna”

Patagonia is one of the world's leading environmentally conscious clothing brands with an ethos that promotes sustainable practice and the use of upcycling materials. Beyond creating recycled garments and accessories, Patagonia is committed to teaching and training the next generation of environmental activists with outreach programs and conscious donations to continue their mission in finding solutions to the ongoing environmental crisis.

It's only fitting that Patagonia curated a consciously-minded flavour to help raise awareness of the Tarkine region in north-west Tasmania, the home of Australia’s largest temperate rainforest. Decadent fair-trade dark chocolate and ethically-sourced leatherwood honey forms a rich sorbet that is layered with nougat. This area, which is home to rare and endangered wildlife, as well as some of the richest

Aboriginal heritage in the hemisphere, is currently under threat from deforestation and mining. Learn more at

Patagonia on why they chose to focus on Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine rainforest

"The takayna/Tarkine region of northwestern Tasmania is home to one of the last tracts of Gondwanan rainforest in the world, and one of the highest concentrations of Aboriginal archaeology in the hemisphere.

From wild windswept beaches through to extensive buttongrass plains to ancient rainforests, more than 60 rare and endangered species found here, live nowhere else in the world. We wanted to collaborate on a flavour that brought attention to the ongoing fight to save Tasmania’s takayna/Tarkine rainforest by our 1% For The Planet grantee and partner the Bob Brown Foundation."

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