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Incu Collection Womens - 3 Ways to Wear

Whether you’re trying to keep motivated while working from home, prep for those last minute Zoom meetings, or just get back into the routine of daily dressing, we’ve got you covered with these tips and tricks for 3 ways to wear anything in your wardrobe.

1. ISO POP - Add a pop of colour underneath and in your accessories to make this look fun and playful — and pair it back with your fav pair blue denim for the relaxed ISO feel. (Ben Pollitt — Incu collection Creative Director)

2. Navy is the new Black. Go for the matching Delfina Cord Pants and make it a Zoom Power move. “Try an oversized shirt underneath that will pop through at the cuffs and hem to exaggerate the blazers silhouette” (Franchesca Blardony, Incu Collection Design Assistant)

3. SATIN Returns - Pair this relaxed blazer back with your favourite satin skirt, ideally in a contrasting colour, to mix up the texture and let the contrast be the hero. (Ben Pollitt - Incu Collection, Creative Director)