10 years old is a pretty good age to be. Those formidable teenage years haven’t yet kicked in, but you’re just too old to still be on the kids table at family functions. Whilst in this ageing grey area, why not experiment with what you’d like to be when you grow up?

This is exactly the sort of mental positioning that Vivid Sydney has placed on itself as it makes its 10th rotation around the sun. It’s expanding its light shows, experimenting with music genres are verging on the sort of forward ideas Sydney is itching for. 

To save you the hassle of prowling through every Vivid event that’s on offer, we have spared you the time and collated our favourite lights, sounds and voices that you really should be attending.

Music: Regardless of whether your 20 or 60, theres a show that will have you brushing shoulders with both ends of the age spectrum.

What: Cake Wines Presents - Play on Classic Meets Electronic.
When: 1-2 June, 18:05 - Midnight
Where: Cake Wines Cellar Door

Across two nights, Redfern’s Cellar Door will be host to the Australian Chamber Orchestra playing a repertoire across a one hour set. Stay late as the likes of Sydney's deep house darlings Ben Fester and Magda transition into deep space with techno, electronica, off-kilter music and everything in between. Come for the culture, stay for the party.

What: Ambient 1 - Music For Airports.
When: from 3 June, 19:00-23:00
Where: Sydney Opera House

The Alaska Orchestra make their debut at the Sydney Opera house, combining electronic and acoustic sounds to take us on a sonic journey to a calming destination. Engage and explore this eclectic reimagining of Eno’s 1978 experimental classic whilst framed by the floor to ceiling windows of The Utzon Room, as you observe the cityscape morphing to the water.

What: Extra Silky: Market By Day - Party By Night
When: 10 June
Where: Freda’s, 107-109 Regent St Chippendale

If you’re searching for a culmination of progressive fashion, arts, music and hair, look no further than the many friends of Extra Silky. Fronting as a unique hair salon, Extra Silky hosts a market like no other where you will be happy to peruse a wide variety of clothes, plants, jewellery and more. Music supplied my Melbourne’s Moopie, plus a string of local acts.

Lights: So Sydney briefly loosens its archaic curfew with extremely colourful light shows? It’s a small win but we’ll take it.

What: Harmony Valley
When: 25 May - 16 June
Where: The Rocks

Harmony Valley - Rainbow of Peace & Trees of Friendship is the set of large inflatable sculptures what we never knew we needed. Referencing Japanese ‘kawaii’ culture, everything is cute and adorable, with tiny little faces on giant mushrooms and rainbows which have our cold hearts warming. Participants are immersed in a world of belonging and humanity, through mutual consecutiveness and positivity. Please don’t leave us giant inflatable beacons of hope.

What: Illuminosaurus
When: 25 May - 16 June
Where: The Rocks

Constructed from bent laser-cut steal with a spine lined with hundreds of individually controlled RGB pixels, Illuminosaurus is the are inspiring 3m high dinosaur captured in a moment of fierce pursuit. Colour displays emanate from the Deinonychus’ teeth, claws and burst from it’s chest and mouth.

What: Virtual Vibration
When: 25 May - 16 June
Where: The Rocks

Virtual Vibrations is the brain child of renowned Australian artist Jonny Niesche and is, arguably, the centre of the Vivid attractions. In collaboration with composer Mark Pritchard, the facade of the Museum of Contemporary Art is transformed in evolving images bringing together cheerful dissonance of psychedelia through the sensory experiences of movement, reflection and sound.

Ideas: Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean you’re right.

What: The Story of Light - Celebrating Australia’s Largest Optical Telescope
When: 3 June
Where: Powerhouse Museum

Planets. Space. Cosmos. Universe. Aliens. Almost everything we know of the universe has been obtained with the use of telescopes. Join five leading professional astrophysicists to hear about dissecting galaxies and the dark energy of the cosmos, currently being undertaken at the Anglo-Australian Telescope in Siding Spring Observatory. Bring extraterrestrial questions, because there will be chance to ask them.

What: Come Closer… Sex and Pleasure
When: 13 June
Where: Art Gallery of New South Wales

Over three Wednesdays, AGNSW plays host to create an intimate portrait of our better selves. In conversation with performance artists, sex-educators, photographers and musicians alike, an exploration of female sexuality is undertaken through intellectual stimulation. This. Is. Very. Important.

What: The VR Music Festival Experience
When: 3 June
Where: Museum of Contemporary Art

This writer is sceptical. There is truly nothing better that live music. The ambiance, the audience, the performance. The bumping of strangers and tight confined spaces, a tang of hot sweat lingering. The VR Concert experiences fuses music, sound effects, 3D animation, audio visualisations and motion capture to create the sense of being right there IRL. How can artists harness the power of VR in an immersive and innovative ways? A question waiting to be answered.