As we enter the coldest month of the year, Sydney’s art scene blooms with tantalising experiences designed to ward off the winter blues. Carriageworks has long been home to an array of explorative events, from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Sydney Contemporary and the weekly Farmers Market to celebrate growers and makers from across NSW.

The historic venue is currently playing host to internationally acclaimed Ryoji Ikeda’s micro | macro.

Developed during a residency at CERN, European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, micro | macro is an immersive installation which sits at the intersection of art and quantum physics.

Ikeda utilises the Planck Scale (which measures the smallest components of the universe – atoms) as a way to contrast our human scale to the microscopic and unobservable. Ikeda tests the limits of what is observable and knowable in our universe in an attempt to understand it, and make it visible to us all.

“My work is created by reducing sound, light and the world into sine waves, pixels and data… so that the world can be viewed once more at a different resolution.”
Ryoji Ikeda

Mesmeric and immersive, these dual projections have an anxious sense of urgency. As atoms collide and stars implode, the audience is struck waves of electronic information converted into incomprehensible clusters of lines, dots and grids. micro | macro is a visceral experience that relates to the very structure of matter and the universe. Ikeda's imagery has been plotted with mathematical precision, allowing it’s audience to view a perfectly logical matrix-inspired apocalypse.

micro | macro will be playing from June 4-29, everyday from 10am to 6pm.

We hope to see you there!