Photography by Katie Kaars

Dress Up Siren Tank, Weathered Pants, Lucy Folk Short & Sweet Sunglasses, Grovel Necklace & Mojave Cocktail Clutch, Double Disco Heart of Glass Earrings


Dress Up Beach Stripe Robe, Janessa Leone Calla Hat, Petite Grand Circles of Alchemy Earrings, Lucy Folk Mini Aztec Necklace, Natasha Schweitzer Letter Necklace, Sarah & Sebastian Diamond Line Necklace.

Lucy Folk Taco Friendship Bracelet, Mini Aztec Bracelet & Clear Sights Cocktail Clutch, Sarah & Sebastian Painted Ring, Small Oblong Ring, Gypsy Oval Ring & Oval Ring. Lucy Folk Relic Ring, Karen Walker Superfine Arrow Runway Ring, Sarah & Sebastian Stone Oval Ring & Drop Ring.


Bassike Crepe Layering Slip Dress, Lucy Folk Rock Formation Earrings & Fly Away Sunglasses, Alexander Wang Marti Backpack.

Dress Up Siren Dress, Sarah & Sebastian Long Face Earring, Petite Grand Orient Earring (from set of 3), Lucy Folk Pearly Grovel Necklace.

Lucy Folk Pearl Diver Bracelets, Karen Walker Celestial Arrows Ring, Lucy Folk Relic Ring, Sarah & Sebastian Drop Ring, Karen Walker Star Outline Ring, Sarah & Sebastian Gypsy Oval Ring, Lucy Folk Anchovy Ring.

Bassike Crepe Layering Slip Dress, Lucy Folk Shapeshifter Chain Necklace, Natasha Schweitzer Volpi Necklace.

Natasha Schweitzer Naboo Earrings.

Bassike Crepe Layering Slip Dress, Natasha Schweitzer Double Drop Hoop Earrings, Lucy Folk Rock Formation Hair Tie, Alexander Wang Brenda Chain Bag.


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