New Arrivals // Sarah & Sebastian Prism

Off the back of their widely successful Tidal collection, Sarah & Sebastian have released the much anticipated PRISM Collection, an exploration of semi precious stones, organic sculptural shapes and linear structures. Handmade in Sydney, the PRISM Collection embodies the evolution of Sarah & Sebastian, placing it at the forefront of innovation and craftsmanship within the jewellery sphere.


Creators Sarah Gittoes and Robert Grynkofki were inspired by Canish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, famous for his large scale installations drawing from colour, temperature, time and light.

Gittoes comments, “I have long been inspired by the works of Olafur Eliasson, and I’m particularly drawn to his interesting use of colour and perspective. While his artworks appear minimal, there’s always a great detail and impact; a philosophy we are at Sarah & Sebastian”.

Coupled with their interest in mathematical concepts and bold experimentation, the results discover unique colour hues and free moving elements. Each story features a statement earring as well as complimenting studs and ear cuffs, allowing customisation between each desired look.

Grykifki comments, “We’ve developed new ways to set stones to enhance spectrums of colours, using different types of precious stones. We also incorporated ceramic plating to introduce contrasting coatings in vibrant colours. We are constantly looking for new materials and processes in other disciplines to incorporate into our jewellery. An exceptional level of craftsmanship is required to create the PRISM styles with their many hand-set precious stones in alternating directions. All gemstones have to be carefully selected by colour, size and cut to ensure every piece is finished to our unparalleled standards”.

Sarah & Sebastian PRISM now available at Pacific Fair, Q.V., Chadstone, Galeries Womens and Paddington Womens.