In celebration of the New Moon, Incu has collaborated with Sydney Artist Vanessa Nguyen on a series of 8 exclusive illustrations - “Lady Luck". Drawing inspiration from her own Asian heritage, Vanessa has created 8 illustrations that depict the changing phases of the moon as it transforms through the lunar cycle. The female figures grow darker and lighter as shadows move across their faces.

Each of the figures wear pieces from the new arrivals in our AW18 collections. The illustrations include pieces from Isabel Marant Etoile, Etre Cecile, Sarah & Sebastian, Kenzo, Mansur Gavriel, Petite Grand, Reliquia, Equipment and Comme des Garcons PLAY.

This collaboration can be viewed in store at our Sydney Stores - The Galeries Womens, Paddington Womens and Melbourne’s QV and Chadstone stores.

We spoke to Vanessa about her work practice and integration of her culture within her art.

How has your Asian culture influenced your work practice?

I’m very proud of my Asian heritage, as a first generation Australian with Vietnamese heritage I’m very conscious of how I have become accustomed to Australian traditions, however never want to forget or lose the culture which I’ve come from. I’m very proud of that heritage and want to pass it on and teach people about it, whether it is through art, or cooking or conversation. In my practice I use a lot of black ink, because of the inspiration I find from Asian art. Recently I have been researching Chinese and Japanese calligraphy. I find them both all encompassing and continually relevant, which is why I steer away from colour.

Do you see yourself in every artwork you produce?

I don’t think my characters are reflections of myself. They are portrayals of the emotions and personalities that surround me, even different versions of myself. I never explicitly reference in my art that I am Asian or a female, I would rather be known simply as an artist, and not defined by those things.

Whats been your most memorable experience as an artist so far?

This collaboration with Incu has been my biggest work so far. It is my first time working with a company where we can bounce off each other and grow idea’s together, and Lunar New Year is an event we both feel passionately about.

The way that people have reacted to my art has been the most rewarding experience for me. Initially my art started as something I did for myself and wanted to share with my friends and family, and the support I received from them was amazing. It has been extremely humbling to know that people outside my own community appreciate my art so much as to want to own it themselves, as it was never my intention to make art for others.

Which of the moons was your favourite piece to work on? Can you see yourself in one of them in particular?

They were all my favourites, each girl was unique with her own personality and persona representative of their own special features.

Traditional Chinese culture says that the moon is the carrier of human emotions, and the round moon symbolises family union. Thus the Lunar New Year is a time for togetherness and celebrations.

Pictured : "New Moon" from Vanessa Nguyen's "Lady Luck" series for Incu

Pictured : "Full Moon" from Vanessa Nguyen's "Lady Luck" series for Incu

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