Available on Saturday the 28th of July, Y-3 makes its Incu debut at our Galeries Mens, Pacific Fair and Q.V. stores.

The collaboration between the renowned Yohji Yamamoto and adidas has revolutionized the industry, creating a new category in fashion. Y-3 represents design, true craftsmanship, and the future in sportswear.

A crossroad of innovative design, sport functionality, fashion elegance and spotless craftsmanship all accumulate to the success of Y-3 since its inception over 15 years ago.

"Y-3 has been born from the fusion of the seeming opposites of sport and style. Together with adidas we worked on forming something that didn't exist and that completely projects the future." - Yohji Yamamoto.

Y-3 will be available in store only at our Galeries Mens, Pacific Fair and Chadstone stores.

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