Interview // Domus Vim

February 11, 2016 / Incu Online


For the month of June, creative studio Domus Vim installed a giant word find in the window of our Sydney City stores, comprising hundreds of laser-cut letters that make up fifteen of our favourite brands. They also sat downwith us for a cheeky Q&A.

Tell us a little about how Domus Vim came to be?

Domus Vim initially began as a digital fabrication studio. It was opened to give architects and design students access to laser cutting services. Today, we continue to provide that service, but have also started to explore various other avenues of design including installation design, marketing strategies and experimental fabrication.

What does the name Domus Vim mean or where did it originate from? 

If you were to Google the words Domus and Vim separately you would end up with something along the lines of ‘house of strength’. Domus Vim stands for a collaborative studio between designers of all fields. We seek to provide digital and analogue techniques for everyone to develop and improve their own ideas.


What are some of your favourite projects that you have worked on in the past? 

Working with all sorts of designers, we have come across many great projects - from small student university projects to working with international architects on top-secret projects (shhh) to PR and events. With such a diverse range of work we look forward to the ones that become a conversation between ourselves and other designers in the effort to better the projects at hand.

 Tell us a little bit about the project that you are working on for Incu? 

The project we did for Incu is titled ‘Find-A-Brand’. It was designed to engage the public around the store and reveal to them the various brands hidden within. To do so, we took a familiar idea, the word search (think back to the days of school!), and developed it into a mosaic for the window. The find-a-brand, integrating the full label tiles, was designed to target both the people who were simply strolling by and the people who actually had time to stop and enjoy a little bit of fun within their day.




We know you are all regular shoppers at the Incu stores. What are some of your favourite brands? 

Where do we start! If we had to choose the top 5, they’d have to be Acne Studios, A.P.C., 
T by Alexander Wang, Norse Projects and Kenzo.

What do you guys like to do in your spare time outside the studio? 

Whenever we do get the opportunity to leave the studio (physically and mentally) we like to switch off from the business side of things. We’re all foodies, so we like to hunt out new places to catch up with friends, even if that means two lunches!  There has also been a lot of Netflix happening lately – the novelty hasn’t quite worn off yet.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Sydney? 

Hands down, Chinese Noodle House in Haymarket. Nothing says 'food' better than a place that frames pictures of its signature dishes on the wall and lets you sit under romantic fake grape vines. We all highly recommend the special braised eggplant (so good it’s framed multiple times!), but be warned to let them cool down first!

Design-wise, who do you look to for inspiration? 

Snarkitecture and Lenert & Sander have been strong inspirations for our projects. With such simple and engaging installation pieces, there is bound to be something that inspires you. As studying architects, we love to draw inspiration from many architects too; SANAA and Atelier Bow-Wow in Japan to Rem Koolhaas and OMA in the Netherlands and Herzog & De Meuron in Switzerland.

Finally, are there any other exciting projects coming up for Domus Vim? 

Definitely! We’ve got some small projects coming up with our mates at Maslows Sydney (coffee and food). We’ll also be flying to Japan in a few weeks to gather more inspiration for some new experimental work later this year!