Interview by Matt Lennon
Images supplied by Larsson & Jennings

There’s something special about investing in a beautiful timepiece; whether it’s the idea of one day passing it on to future generations or simply the joy of wearing a piece of exquisite craftsmanship on your wrist. For horologist Andrew Jennings, the founder of watch label Larsson & Jennings, creating a premium product has always been top of mind. We speak to Andrew about how the 34-piece range has developed over the last four years and his plans for the rest of 2016.


Hi Andy, where are you at the moment?

I’m currently in London!

Can you tell us a little bit about the past year for Larsson & Jennings? Have there been any highlights that come to mind?

This year we launched The Automatic Series – our first range of watches with automatic mechanical movements. It’s always been a dream to create a mechanical piece so we’re very happy to have released them within four years of the company launching.

What were you doing before you founded Larsson & Jennings?

I was working in private wealth management, hatching plans to start my own business.


What first compelled you to create a range of watches?

I’ve been fascinated by watches since I was 10 years old, when my uncle left me a Rolex Daytona, so when the time came to set up my own company I turned to horology.

When you were conceiving the label, was it important that Larsson & Jennings began by creating one product incredibly well?

Yes, it’s very important to me that we are known for one product and that we become an authority in that field.

There is something to be said about designing a product with an aesthetic that is beautifully minimal yet with inner workings that are remarkably complex. Is this a balance that you often think about when designing the range?

Absolutely. The Automatic, for example, houses the most complex movement we’ve used so far, but has the most minimal dial we’ve ever produced.


What was the biggest challenge you over- came when first developing the range?

I wanted to make the watch as sleek and slimline as possible so achieving this took many rounds of sampling and around a year to develop, whilst sourcing the best manufacturers in Switzerland and testing Swedish and British leathers for strapping. It was a challenging but also fascinating process and meant we had a product that was great quality from the outset.

What has been your greatest success?

Our Classic watch continues to be our best- seller and sets very high standards for new additions to the range. Launching the Automatic was also a big milestone for me – using the finest Swiss automatic movements in watches that hold my family name was a very exciting step.

Now that the brand is well established, are there any plans to diversify the range to include pieces other than watches?

We still have so much more to achieve in the watch space so we’ll be focusing on that for the foreseeable future.


Finally, is there anything especially exciting coming up for the brand this year that you can share with us?

We have a new flagship store opening in New York this spring, followed quickly by a new range of watches which are something of a departure from our signature styles launching this summer so we’re very much looking forward to unveiling both over the next few months.


 Larsson & Jennings watches are available in Incu stores and online