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Our Staff, Friends & Partners
Incu 18th Birthday – Café Kitsuné Q&A
Café Kitsuné present 'Tea-ramisu' – a Japanese matcha gelato layered with Café Kitsuné coffee soaked tiramisu biscuits. Have a read of our chat with Gildas Loaëc, co-founder of Café Kitsuné, about this unique collaboration. Read More.
Incu 18th Birthday – Paloma Wool x Messina
Paloma Wool present 'Island Souvenir' – an ensaimada gelato layered with chocolate custard. Inspired by a traditional dessert from Mallorca in the Balearic Islands – ensaimada – a favourite of the designer.  Read More.
Incu 18th Birthday – goodfoodcrapdrawing Q&A
Read our Q&A with the former Art Director at Gourmet Traveller and get the low-down on how the idea for goodfoodcrapdrawing came about. Read More.
Incu 18th Birthday – Messina Q&A
Read our chat with longtime mates Messina on how these special Incu x Messina flavours were crafted, our with Messina, and which of their famed #MessinaSpecials have stood out over the years. Read More.
Incu 18th Birthday – The Founders: Brian & Vincent Vu Q&A
To celebrate Incu's coming of age we've sat down with 'the boys' (as they're known around these parts) and took a trip down memory lane... Read More.
Brand in Focus: Casablanca
Get the low-down on Casablanca, the Parisian label headed by Charaf Tajer that's rapidly establishing itself as one of the most exciting new brands in the world. Read More.
Helle Vestergaard Poulsen — Founder, ANNI LU
Read how ANNI LU got its start in the industry, the relationships they want to build with their customers and what to expect from the label in the future. Read More.
Sarah Gittoes & Robert Sebastian Grynkofki — Founders, Sarah & Sebastian
We recently caught up with the duo behind Sarah & Sebastian to discuss how their love of the ocean is a dominant source of inspiration, the ethical considerations the brand makes, and get the low-down on their latest collection, SKIN. Read More.
Father's Day with Incu
As Father's Day fast approaches, we've taken a moment to catch up with all of Incu's Dads to learn a little bit about what being a father means to them.⁠ Apologies in advance for the Dad Jokes. Read More.
Elise Pioch Balzac — Founder, Maison Balzac
We catch up with the Founder of Maison Balzac – Elise Pioch Balzac – to discuss the origins of the brand, the process behind the beautiful products she creates and how important storytelling is in the candle industry. Read More.
Melbourne Lockdown Special – Liza & Dan, Incu QV
A Melbourne Lockdown Special featuring a baking recipe from Incu QV's Store Manager, Liza, plus an eclectic playlist from QV's own Dan Wong. Enjoy! Read More.
Larz Harry & Aida Kim — MAN-TLE, Founders
Read our interview with Larz Harry & Aida Kim, founders of Japan-made, Australian-based label MAN-TLE, and discover the brand's ties with Japan, its design ethos and what being an Australian brand means to them. Read More.
For our tenth instalment on INCU RADIO we have Melbourne DJ and Incu QV's own Hookway, with this mixture of delicate, ambient-focused sounds aimed at soothing the soul mid-pandemic. Read More.
Gelato Messina — The Founders
Get to know the story behind the famed Gelato Messina, as we catch up with all four founders. Read More.
Glenn Cameron — Cameron Studio, Founder & Designer
Cameron Studio Founder and Designer, Glenn Cameron, gives us an insight into what goes into running a jewellery label. Read More.
Paloma Lanna — Paloma Wool, Founder
Born in Barcelona, eponymous label Paloma Wool is inspired freely by the act of getting dressed. We caught up with Paloma herself and got to know the story behind her label. Read More.
David Keyte — Universal Works, Co-Founder & Designer
Take a seat with David Keyte and read about what he’s been up to since worldwide lockdowns began, where the influence came from for the Universal Works current collection, and a little about what inspires him. Read More.
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