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Tom — Sydney City Men's Store Manager
Incu Staff
March 1, 2020

I'm aiming to perfect a nice balance between things such as reading, cooking, watching Music Documentaries/Foreign Movies, exercising and reaching out to family and friends, which is always good for the soul. I've also got quite a substantial record collection and I'm really enjoying taking more time to just sit and listen to records from top to bottom.

I think the usual time-poor and noisy society we live in, we rarely get a chance to stop and take things in as they were intended to be. I feel that it’s a really nice thing to do and feels like a hark back to slower days. On top of this, I'm challenging myself to learn a new language which is equal parts frustrating and exciting. 

Overall I'm simply trying to keep a routine similar to my normal day to day, which typically starts with meditation/gratitude exercises, a quick read of bullet point philosophy, followed by sparking a nice stick of incense, brewing a pot of green tea and hitting play on a good morning soundtrack of soulful sounds to start my day on a positive note. Now more than ever I'm pushing myself to do something new, interesting and challenging on a daily basis, which sometimes in the madness of everyday life and the daily grind, I'm not able to do.

Take care of yourselves in these times people and use whatever down time you have mindfully and wisely to get back to basics. I'm hopeful once all the madness settles and we come out on the other side we will be a kinder, more understanding and less competitive version of ourselves. If there's one thing to take from all this it's that we truly are connected and actions have reactions so let's spread more love.

Here are some tunes for you all to enjoy;  Listen to the Playlist +

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