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Renee — Jardan, Creative Director
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April 11, 2020

As a family-owned Australian business, Jardan has transformed homes and spaces since 1987 with their beautiful made-to-order pieces. Designed and crafted in Melbourne, Jardan furniture combines an ethos of simplicity, state of the art manufacturing, and sustainable practices for timeless pieces that are made to last a lifetime. We caught up with Renee, Jardan’s Creative Director, to talk about her team’s meticulous approach to design, the importance of longevity, and how to keep your space feeling like a sanctuary.

Can you explain a little about your creative process? How do your designs and curation reflect your brand’s ethos?
At Jardan, design thinking informs every decision we make. Our dedicated in house design centre, Jardan Lab, has been established to foster innovative thinking and bring our designs to life. In the space, we bring our designers and craftsmen together every day, in one space, to evolve ideas and solve design problems.

Our design team is young, inspired, and prolific, using the best digital and traditional resources and technology in Australia to create sketches, plots, and prototypes, before refining their ideas with our production team in a way that few others can. We’re a dynamic team, and because we’re a family business, our friendly, collaborative approach to design results in a world-class finished product.

What is it about spaces that you are drawn to?
Eclectic and full spaces. We love homes that showcase the owner’s personality and tell their story and history.

People have suddenly been forced to spend a lot of time inside their homes. What do you think the most important thing is in keeping the home space a sanctuary?
With everything that is going on it is important to reset at the start and end of every day. Before you go to bed, plump up the cushions on your sofa and fold the blanket so everything looks fresh the next day. Set the mood in the morning by burning your favourite essential oil. Each day is different with everyone but having small daily rituals helps.

Tell us about Jardan’s sustainability mission.
Sustainability isn’t just about doing the right thing. It’s about making furniture that follows the world’s best practices and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in design and manufacturing. We believe that longevity is intimately intertwined with quality, and that a high-quality product should be made with local materials and needs to last a lifetime.
We are extremely proud that in 2014 we became a Carbon Neutral Company. Carbon neutral means as a company we have reduced our net greenhouse gas emissions to zero. The scope of this certification covers our business and its operations, but does not include the emissions embedded in our products and their materials. We have achieved our certification through various energy efficiency and waste-minimising initiatives, the acquisition of carbon offsets and a company-wide focus on sustainable practice. Emissions management plans and systems will help monitor and report Jardan’s footprint annually to ensure we stay carbon neutral going forward. 

Sustainability isn’t just about doing the right thing. It’s about making furniture that follows the world’s best practices and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in design and manufacturing.

What is your dream collaboration? Fashion designers, artists, architects, etc.
We would love to do something with Dinosaur Design, Louise is so clever and I love the medium of resin.

Tell us five essential items that no home should be without.
A comfortable sofa, great reading chair, lots of books, meaningful art, good food.

As an Australian-based brand, what are some other local businesses that you’d love to support right now?
There are so many, where do we start!  All the local artists we work with - we love collaborating with other like minded makers. We work with some amazing florists too, like Hattie MolloyThe Stone Willow Studio, and Floreat Floral

It’s also so great to see some of our favourite restaurants and cafes adapt their menus to take away. Our picks are Cookes FoodFalco BakeryEtta Dining, and Marion Wine.

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