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Jeremy — Rag & Bone, AUS Brand Manager
Incu Staff
April 25, 2020

My son Etienne celebrated his 1st birthday in isolation which was a pretty strange experience. Since working from home he’s started to walk and talk, so I’ve actually been pretty lucky to be around to experience it all.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m the Brand Manager for rag & bone in Australia. Perhaps not everyone knows, but Incu operates the rag & bone stores here in Australia after stocking the label for many years in the Incu stores. There is a really close relationship between the two companies which is really nice to be a part of.

Before my life at Incu I was a buyer for another store and prior to that I was a menswear designer. I’ve always worked in fashion across a mix of departments starting at retail.

What are you doing while ‘Staying at Home’. Are there any hobbies or interests you have taken up during this time to stay stimulated?

My son Etienne celebrated his 1st birthday in isolation which was a pretty strange experience. Since working from home he’s started to walk and talk, so I’ve actually been pretty lucky to be around to experience it all. He’s been a special guest on a number of zoom meetings! Besides that, my days are centred around cooking and eating.

Like 90% of the population I’ve started making bread but my favourite thing to eat/cook is a traditional Japanese breakfast. Salted fish, rice, natto (slimy fermented soybean – tastes better than it looks!) and other little dishes. The fish typically needs 3 days to salt cure so there’s been more than enough time to prepare these days.

I can be a bit of a homebody usually, so the adjustment hasn’t been too bad. Just before iso I moved to a new apartment so my partner and I have been slowly setting things up, it’s still a work in progress.

I pulled an old sideboard out of storage that used to belong to my grandparents which has me in a nostalgic mood. There’s an old armchair still in storage that I want to get reupholstered, so I’ve been looking at fabrics for that which has been calming in a strange way.

What does your WFH situation look like?

I shift between a desk with a big monitor for “serious business” or I take-over the dining table in the living room.I prefer the latter as it’s in the middle of the apartment (and close to the kitchen). I cleared about 6 cups and mugs before taking this picture.

What have you been listening to recently?

In the spirit of rag & bone’s New York home city I’ve put together a playlist of THE BEST (totally biased) music from New York recorded from 1956 until 2020. All tracks that I love and listen to regularly. Blondie, Beastie Boys, ESG, Television, Sonic Youth etc etc.

(Treat your ears to Jeremy's rag & bone playlist here)

What have you been reading lately?

Most of the books I’ve been reading are kids’ books that have very few words and lots of colourful illustrations. My favourite is called Little Truck by Taro Gomi which was given to Etienne from a good friend. Personally, I’ve been flicking through old design books and hopefully I’ll get around to finishing Killing Commendatore by Murakami that I started reading on a buying trip back in February just before everything got crazy.

Do you have any favourite local cafes or restaurants you’re supporting during this time?

Coffee beans from my friends at Artificer. Shout out to Dan who came through with a new coffee grinder after mine broke during the first week of isolation. I think I’ve perfected my Aeropress brew! Otherwise sweet snacks from Brickfields (who also sell flour for all your bakers in Sydney). Support your locals!

Are there any Netflix shows you’re currently binging?

I’m a creature of habit so I re-watched all of Curb your enthusiasm and a bunch of Seinfeld. I did watch M. Night Shyamalan’s new series Servant for Apple TV which was awesome but now I’m stuck waiting for the next season! When I’m busy working I put on cartoons in the background while Etienne plays, although I probably pay them more attention than him!

What are you grateful for right now?

The good health of all the people I know. Shout out to the rag & bone team in New York who are really in the epicentre – stay safe guys! And of course, all the extra family time I’m getting.

What are your plans post isolation?

I’ll be taking Etienne straight to the park to practise his new skill at walking and have some fun with his other little baby buddies… and go and hug all my friends!

What are some of your favourite Incu picks?

Obviously, I am a rag & bone loyalist so there’s quite a bit of r&b. My all-time favourite is the Definitive Jacket in Minna. The wash has a really unique blue/grey overdye that’s washed to be super soft. It was actually a sellout from last year - this recut just arrived and was made exclusively for rag & bone Australian stores and Incu so you won’t find it anywhere else.

Besides all my rag & bone picks, I was stoked that Incu started stocking Auralee this season as it’s such a hard brand to track down. I’m a bit obsessed. I couldn’t not add a Porter bag to my list – I’ve got stuff from them that’s over 10 years old and still looks brand new. Not to sound cliché, but the Tanker 2way briefcase is seriously an essential. Perfect for everyday and so great for travel.

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