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In Conversation with Deiji Studios
Friends & Partners
March 13, 2021

Born in 2016, Deiji Studios is a label inspired by the notion that we are at our most confident when we are comfortable. Developing clothing that blends morning into night and daywear into sleepwear, it’s no wonder the label calls the relaxed, quintessentially Australian coastal town of Byron Bay home. Read below as we discuss the ethos of the brand, the meaning behind their name and get an appreciation for their design process.

What was the vision when Deiji Studios was founded?
Deiji was created with the vision to simplify the way we dress, creating a product that you could wear from bed to out whilst still looking chic. Loungewear for sleep, beach, or dinner with friends.

How about the name – what’s the meaning behind ‘Deiji Studios’?
Deiji ‘Pronounced ‘Day-Gee’ is translated to ‘Daisy’ in English. We love the simple, natural perfection of the flower, its resilience, its humble beauty.

How would you best describe the ethos of the brand? We see you’ve recently become members of 1% For The Planet!
At Deiji Studios, sustainability and social conscience is considered integral to every facet of our company. We love the creative industry - the ability to make beautiful things is our privilege so giving back is a reflection of our gratitude. We are so happy to have recently joined 1% For The Planet, an amazing organisation which verifies all donations, and regulates which charities are eligible to receive. Presently we support Carbon Positive Australia where we offset our Carbon Emissions, and Thread Together, another amazing local charity providing clothing to those in need.

We have a relaxed, beachside lifestyle here in Australia and from this our love of loungewear as a way of dressing was born.

Where do you draw inspiration from for the label?
Our inspiration stems from our travels to art, furniture and interiors.

    What does being an Australian brand mean to Deiji Studios?
    We have a relaxed, beachside lifestyle here in Australia and from this our love of loungewear as a way of dressing was born.

    Can you talk about your appreciation for fabrications?
    We love working with breathable light fabrics that are sustainable and kind to our planet.

    What’s the design process like?  
    Fabrics and textures are our priorities, playing around with different colour combinations. We love experimenting with vintage pieces and creating timeless shapes.

    Can you give us an insight into the collection hitting – what can people expect?  
    This collection has a grandpa vibe with some lilac colour highlights. Think mushroom and gingham cotton combinations, oversized boxy shirts and vintage shapes.

    What’s in the works for the brand in 2021?  
    In 2021 we hope to explore new sustainable fabrications and ways to wear lounge, meet more inspirational collaborators in our ‘field notes’ journal and hopefully travel again.

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