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Ella — Assistant Store Manager, Incu QV
Incu Staff
April 18, 2020

I'm slowly working through all my knitting projects that until now were an assortment of unfinished items, however, the to-do list is getting shorter by the day.

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m the Assistant Store Manager at Incu QV Melbourne. I have spent a decade living in London and travelling around Europe. I absolutely love an adventure, exploring new places and meeting new people.

What are you doing whilst staying at home?
I am generally a very social person who loves a good catch up with friends over a meal and a few glasses of wine. This current change of pace is a bit different but I’m finding lots of joy.

I’m back in the family home helping looking after my niece who is 15 months and my nephew who is almost 4 years old. I’ve been entertaining them with craft activities, baking and heading out into the garden to help my mum set up the winter veggie patch, as well as long walks along the beach.

I’ve been doing lots of isolation baking with my nephew. He made a very sweet cake to celebrate my birthday. Hopefully, when this ends I will also have managed to learn a little bit of French for my future adventures.

What are you grateful for right now?
I am grateful that everyone I know is trying their best in these trying times and are coming together in unique ways. My neighbourhood has a very exciting teddy bear hunt going on and more community libraries popping up. I am also very grateful that all of my family and friends who work on the front line in healthcare are safe and well. The innocence in children is beautiful and is something I am grateful for every day.

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