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Aaron — E-Commerce Customer Service Assistant, Incu
Incu Staff
May 17, 2020

Ever called our customer service team? Likely chance, you’ve already had a chat with Aaron, Incu’s eCommerce customer service assistant. While he may seem like a chilled out guy over the phone, we caught up with Aaron to chat about his side hustle that he thinks could surprise some people. Give the interview a read to see what some of Aaron’s side projects are, his top Incu picks, and the local businesses he’s supporting right now.

Tell us a little about yourself.

Here at Incu, I do online customer service – myself and my team attend to the online order enquiries.  It’s a lot of emailing and calling, but I get to touch base with heaps of customers so it’s not bad at all.

Before working at Incu you could find me at your local Apple store fixing computers and phones…  You could say my passions lie in my hobbies – I’m a film photography enthusiast, play bass in a Hardcore band called Speed, and run my own clothing label, Del Saato.

What’s something about you that would surprise people? 

I’d say a lot of people are pretty surprised when they find out about my band, Speed.  Maybe it’s something to do with the genre we play as a hardcore band – it ‘s an aggressive, heavier version of punk with a strong culture behind it.  The shows have an atmosphere that can’t be matched, and Australia has an awesome roster of local bands. I can’t encourage you enough to go to your first show, especially if you’ve ever been curious about the music or the culture.

What are some local businesses you’d like to support right now?

I want to shout out to everyone to support your local artists!  I’m lucky my band is purely a passion, but for some it’s their income and livelihood too.  If you’re in the position and trying to support your local artists – be it musicians, tattoo artists, photographers - buy a record, a print, a photo or grab some merch. 

What are you grateful for right now?

Right now I’m super grateful for all the friends I have who’ve made such a great effort to look out for each other in these weird times. I’m incredibly lucky that I’m able to use this lockdown time to pause, work on myself and spend time with my family – can’t ask for more than that right now!

What’s on your heavy-rotation playlist?

INCU ISO is a collection of music I'm bumping in lockdown - a lot of hardcore and a little bit of everything I like all thrown together.  Australia is so far removed from the rest of the music world, and with the current situation international tours could be out for a long while. This said, I think Australia comes out with some best the world has to offer so what better time to look within our own community than now!  This playlist is packed with HEAPS of Aussie artists, and not just from the heavier genres – if you’re not so heavy inclined be sure to check out Paradise Club, INQ. and Hearteyes. 


Finally, what are some of your favourite picks at Incu right now?

A recent pickup that I’ve quickly become obsessed with is the Provider Store Gifu Candle.  If you’re not familiar with Provider, they’re a local homewares label who place a great emphasis on producing ethical and sustainable products. They are based here in Surry Hills, Sydney and if you finish your candle they offer $10 refills in-store – a brand I can definitely get behind.

Besides this I’ve been a massive fan of a lot of the Japanese brands we’ve been stocking recently – Engineered Garments, Kaptial and Needles are three of my personal favourites and I’m so stoked we have them!   

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