Australian jewellery brand inspired by food and travel. Lucy Folk was brought up in a household where food and creativity were equally celebrated, she naturally strove to fuse these two loves and give food a new context: the body.

The resultant eponymous brand 'Lucy Folk' is made up of a series of carefully rendered objects inspired by happy childhood memories of playing behind the scenes of her father’s restaurants where she made macaroni necklaces and hung cherries off her ears.

  • Citrus Friendship Band Lucy Folk Citrus Friendship Band $75.00
  • Palmtastic Necklace Lucy Folk Palmtastic Necklace $195.00
  • Palmtastic Ring Lucy Folk Palmtastic Ring $85.00
  • Coco Husk Ring Grande Lucy Folk Coco Husk Ring Grande $135.00
  • Coco Husk Cuff Earring Lucy Folk Coco Husk Cuff Earring $155.00
  • Rice Confetti Necklace Lucy Folk Rice Confetti Necklace $155.00
  • Confetti Pearl Ring Lucy Folk Confetti Pearl Ring $125.00
  • Fancy Bon Bon Bracelet Lucy Folk Fancy Bon Bon Bracelet $100.00