Jewellery label established in 2008, by French born Estelle Deve. Her French roots have informed her artisanal approach to jewellery making. Completely self taught has allowed her to create and discover new techniques, free from the constraints of tradition. From delicate pewter cast chains of gold to knuckle dusters and statement pieces made of Swarovski crystal pearls, Estelle's vision is intriguing and innovative.

  • Yuk Ting Ring Estelle Deve Yuk Ting Ring $155.00
  • Larmes Necklace Estelle Deve Larmes Necklace $100.00
  • Owl Hematite Earrings Estelle Deve Owl Hematite Earrings $135.00
  • Iora Ring Set Estelle Deve Iora Ring Set $155.00
  • Dawn Ring Set Estelle Deve Dawn Ring Set $160.00
  • Larmes Bracelet Estelle Deve Larmes Bracelet $85.00
  • Larmes Bracelet Estelle Deve Larmes Bracelet $85.00