A.P.C. stands for "Atelier de Production et de Creation" which simply translates to the workshop of production and of creation. It was founded by Jean Touitou as a reaction to his distaste for loose-fitting clothes of his contemporaries. 1987 saw the release of his debut menswear collection followed by his debut womenswear collection the following year. The collections showcase a "less is more" approach to design, with clean lines and use of quality fabrics.


  • Ashley Dress A.P.C. Ashley Dress $420.00
  • Caitlin Shirt A.P.C. Caitlin Shirt $280.00
  • Edith Shirt A.P.C. Edith Shirt $245.00
  • Mike Casual Shirt A.P.C. Mike Casual Shirt $245.00
  • Modernist Tshirt A.P.C. Modernist Tshirt $130.00
  • Belted MC Dress A.P.C. Belted MC Dress $295.00
  • Belted Shirt Dress A.P.C. Belted Shirt Dress $380.00
  • Femme Marine Top A.P.C. Femme Marine Top $140.00
  • Mariniere Sweater A.P.C. Mariniere Sweater $150.00
  • Abby Skirt A.P.C. Abby Skirt $280.00
  • Blair Sweater A.P.C. Blair Sweater $295.00
  • Blair Sweater A.P.C. Blair Sweater $295.00
  • Charlotte Tshirt A.P.C. Charlotte Tshirt $125.00
  • Denver Sweater A.P.C. Denver Sweater $145.00
  • Gloria Sweater A.P.C. Gloria Sweater $230.00
  • Gloria Dress A.P.C. Gloria Dress $295.00
  • 70s Army Dress A.P.C. 70s Army Dress $415.00
  • Student Marine Top A.P.C. Student Marine Top $280.00
  • Standard Skirt A.P.C. Standard Skirt $245.00
  • Osaka Dress A.P.C. Osaka Dress $380.00