Dress Up: AW13 'Some Dreamers' - The Details

Dress Up Silk Organza Dress | Images by Anna Mackenzie

This season's Dress Up collection by Stephanie Downey was inspired by Joan Didion’s essays documenting the 1960’s and 70’s in California; in particular an excerpt from ‘The White Album’ in which she records the routine packing list used for her frequent research trips. Like Didion’s writing style, her list is pared back to the bare essentials, yet somehow voices an indelibly honest and detailed commentary on herself.

‘Some Dreamers’ is an archetypal depiction of a contemporary woman’s wardrobe; reinventing classic silhouettes with a focus on comfort. The polo neck, denim jacket and jean, classic trench, circle skirt and slim trouser are relaxed by soft, natural textiles and refreshed by an understated femininity.  

These beautiful detail portraits were styled and photographed by Anna Mackenzie. She has analysed the collection and experimented with composition in order to expose the most distinctive elements of each garment. The aim was to create an abstract series of stills that focused on the close up details and fabrics used in this collection. She studies drape, texture, colour, pattern and form to give us a more intimate look at the clothing.

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Dress Up Soft Trench

Dress Up Soft Polo Neck, Denim Style Pants and Western Shirt

Dress Up Denim Style Check Pant and Drawstring Wool Tee

Dress Up Patchwork Dress and Velveteen Pant

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