DJ with Best Coast Winners Announced

We’re excited to announce the winners of our DJ with Best Coast competition. Congratulations to Tim Mall from Sydney and Sarah-Jane Oska from Melbourne who will be warming up packed crowds during Best Coast’s Australian tour early next year, and will also get to bring an entourage of friends along to the gig thanks to Popfrenzy Records.

As part of the competition we asked Best Coast fans to submit 10 tracks they’d include in their pre-show set, you can take a listen to both Tim and Sarah’s below. 

Haven’t got your tickets for the show yet? Buy Melbourne tickets here and Sydney tickets here.


Tim Mall's playlist
(also included Wray Gunn by Hierophants & Pop Song by Chook Race)


Sarah-Jane Oska's playlist
(Also included Vaseline by Elastica and Vanessa by Grimes)