Giftshop: A Special Christmas Project with Koskela

Images | Trent Williams

All our Christmases have come at once.
We’re excited to announce that we’ll be working with our friends at Koskela on a special Incu Presents Giftshop popping up at their Rosebery showroom in
Sydney on December 5th. 


The Incu Presents Giftshop space will house the best gifting, fashion and lifestyle goods selected from Incu's boutiques as well as some specially selected items not available in our other stores. We think Giftshop will be the perfect place to find unique and thoughtful gifts this holiday season.

We've always loved what Koskela (aka furniture and homewares mecca) have represented. Their dedication to making and curating excellent product and their desire to design for lifestyle resonated strongly with us, their love of food and the fact they are absolutely lovely people sealed the deal. 

To celebrate the collaboration, we spoke with Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky (pictured above), the couple behind the incredible, sprawling Koskela space and the furniture that inhabits it. Read the full interview below and visit us at Koskela in just a few short weeks.  

* * *

Hey Sasha & Russel, how will you and your family be celebrating Christmas this year?

We will be heading out to central NSW to spend Christmas with some of Sasha’s side of the family. There will be cattle, motorbikes and lost of nice wide-open spaces. Just what our two boys need!

We think that after a bed, a dining table is one of the most important furniture purchases you can make. It’s strange that the idea of a sit down meal is almost romantic these days, however, Christmas is certainly a time when the table is center of attention. Tell us what makes your table special at Christmas and what food you like to cook?

We are definitely traditionalists – big glazed ham and definitely a turkey and pudding. Teamed up with a couple of salads to keep things a bit lighter. Yum, the mouth is already watering! We like cooking ham and turkey as it’s special and you never cook them at any other time of the year. It adds to the celebration.

doesn’t everything always look more beautiful by candlelight?

We also never eat until late afternoon. That way you have really built up an appetite over the course of the day and you don’t have to rush cooking but everyone can get involved and participate which is nice.  Eating later also means we get to have candles on the table and doesn’t everything always look more beautiful by candlelight?

We always start off the day with a big breakfast of waffles or pancakes with fruit, maple syrup and yoghurt.

In fashion, we seem to be experiencing a fascination with the craftsman. Consumers who now have worlds of information at their fingertips are fascinated with the production process, how goods are made and whom they’re made by. Is the same true in the design world 

Absolutely true. Its something we love, the fact that the hands of a makers are embodied in the product. Its really adds to the value you attach to something. The collections we are developing with the weavers form Elcho Island Arts really embody this idea.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with ‘making things’ at Koskela? 

We love the process of having an idea and working with makers to see a product realiased and then seeing clients interacting with them. We think we are really lucky to be doing what we do. We love working with our local manufacturers and work hard to build really good solid relationships with them. We have worked with many of our makers for more than ten years.

Food is something that’s very close to our hearts here at Incu, and we love Kitchen by Mike. Tell us what made you want to incorporate food into your space?

We feel that food and design go hand in hand. Many people who love design, really appreciate good food. When we found our new Rosebery space, this big, beautiful, unloved old building, we immediately earmarked the space for a café. Then we met Mike who was our perfect partner and who has created a really unique canteen style dining experience.

Understanding lifestyle is something we talk about a lot here at Incu, how does designing for lifestyle affect what you create?

We like to think we design for an Australian lifestyle in all its different guises. I think there is a more relaxed feel to our pieces which reflects our lifestyle.

When we see people wearing products we’ve designed or items they’ve bought from our stores, we still to this day get a real kick out of it. It must be incredible knowing that you make things that people will use, and enjoy for years to come?

It is a real joy to do this and to get feedback from clients who love their pieces. We’re really fortunate to have some clients we continue to see who first bought from us in our Randle St showroom many years ago.

Speaking of the future, what are your resolutions for 2013?

On a personal level its about getting fit and working at getting a good balance between work and family life. For work it’s all about building on what we’ve started here.